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Formating the Eye-Fi card

I have an 4Mbyte Eye-Fi card.

  1. Is it possible to format the card. What happend with preinstalled software on card?
  2. Does it harm if preinstaled sowtware disapear (Dont dare to test yet)?
  3. Possible to format to FAT16 and rezize it to 2MB for older camera devices ? I know how to do it with a normal SD-memory but what happend with Eye-Fi ? Could it find a pic on formated FAT16 card?
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Re: Formating the Eye-Fi card



if you format the card you can go to sandisk website and download the eye fi center once again for the computer. It doesnt matter uif you delete the software as previously mentioned.


All eye fi cards are SDHC cards so there is no possibility to format them on fat16 nativelly with a windows pc but you can use a 3d party software like hp tools to format it on fat16. but still i would recommend to format it normally on fat32

Good Luck

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