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8Gb eye-fi card wireless out of range



I have a Nikon D3100 and have just tried to install the eye-fi card onto a Samsung 10.1 Android device.

I have set it up on my windows laptop (win7). I have configured as required.

The card when put into the camera the wireless will not connect with the android device.

Also every now and again I get an error on my camera saying there is a fault with the card then it goes away.

I can take photos with no problem.


You help greatly appreciated



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Re: 8Gb eye-fi card wireless out of range

Have you tried if the card transfers files to your pc? I noticed that the camera has the ability to enable/disable WiFi. If you also can't transfer to the pc, check this setting on the camera to ensure that it is enabled.
If the card works fine on the pc, ensure that you set up direct mode correct:

If you have done everything correct and issue still appears, format card on camera, check if you can send files to the pc. Then setup direct mode again.

If you still have issues contact SanDisk Technical Support. Might be handy in this case to get the card log and provide it to them via email.