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Windows 10 Driver

I have a SanDisk Extreme Pro Solikd StateDrive running firmware X212T0RL and running sandisk ssd dashboard 1.4.3.


I have windows 10 installed with the anniversary update.


My issue is that the drive is showing as Unknown device in device manager under disk drives.


I cant seem to locate a windows driver for the drive anywhere. any suggestions?

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Re: Windows 10 Driver

the driver is not actually for the SSD but for the SATA controller in your PC. Windows 10 should have all SATA drivers for AHCI, Legacy, or RAID included in the OS. Make sure you have updated to the to the latest updates for windows 10. if you the driver is still missing you may need to check with a microsoft forum.  

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Re: Windows 10 Driver

Maybe it needed booloader??/