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Memory card question. Sandisk Extreme 128GB

I'm new at using action cameras a just bought a Hero7 Black and was getting SD card error while using the Sandisk Ultra. I've gone over the majority of the SD card threads and the consensus is that Sandisk Ultra is **bleep** for anything over 720 and that buy SD cards from GoPros approved list only.

I bought the following three cards:

Sandisk Extreme 64GB (SE64) SDSQXAF-064G-GN6MA

Sandisk Extreme PLUS 64GB (SE+64) SDSQXBG-064G-CN6MA

Sandisk Extreme 128GB (SE128) SDSQXA1-128G-CN6MA

The first two cards are on GoPros approved list however my model numbers don't match with the model number column on GoPros site. And GoPro site says UHS1 next to these cards when the label on both of mine says UHS3. Does that mean they are fake or old/new releases of the same spec card?

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Re: Memory card question. Sandisk Extreme 128GB

If your memory cards are still within the warranty period then you can ask for help from the SanDisk service center.

They would help you.

This is a user helps user forum so you better don't reveal the information of your system here.

I hope this helps1