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Any reason to use Samsung over Sandisk?

Ok, so I'm upgrading my old laptop with an SSD, as that's the main thing slowing it down right now. After the upgrade, I'm going to keep using it as my main computer for another nine months or so, and then I plan to buy a new $1000 computer hopefully with 16gb of ram, 4gb or graphics memory, 500gb ssd (or more), etc.

This upgrade that I'm doing right now is basically a nine month band-aid. My current laptop's HDD only has about 300gb of capacity anyway (283 partitioned as the C drive), and I've only used about 140gb of it. Hence, I'm ok with settling for a 250gb SSD as opposed to a more expensive 500gb SSD, which would be about $60 more. I'm on a pretty tight budget.

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Re: Any reason to use Samsung over Sandisk?

Yes, you tested the waters with your 1st post & then quoted it in the 2nd only for the specific purpose of injecting a spam link into it. Smiley Mad


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