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SanDisk Extreme 500 (480GB) - Speed Issues



I barely started using my new drive and it is transferring really slow. I mean like 8-9mbs/sec. I plugged it in like specified in the manual provided and let it install on my laptop; however, when trying to transfer files it wouldn't go past 11mbs/sec on write transfer speed. Is there something I need to do like install any software? 

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Re: SanDisk Extreme 500 (480GB) - Speed Issues

no software. this is a normal MSC device so the drivers should be native to you OS. You could check to see if there are updated USB chipset drivers from the laptop manufacturers website. What kind of laptop do you have and does it have USB 3.1 ports? Do you have any other USb 3.0 devices that are performing correctly? Also how are you measuring the speed? A benchmark is most helpful. Use Crystal Disk Mark to benchmark the device.