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Wireless Stick Disconnects frequently....

I have just bought a 64 GB wireless got connected for the first time, but later it didn't ...

the problem is it connects and disconnects automatically continuesly....the firmware is been updated ....pen dirve has been formated but than too no resolution....

pl suggest .... 

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Re: Wireless Stick Disconnects frequently....

That happened to me and these are the instructions that the Sandisk support desk sent me. I had to try a couple of channels but my Wireless Stick works fine now.


Please follow these instructions to change the channel of the Wireless Stick:
1. Connect your PC or Mac to the Wireless Stick SSID in your WiFi settings 
2. Open your web browser and type into the address bar 
3. Click on the Gear (setting icon) in the upper right corner 
4. Click the drop down menu beside Channel and select a channel other than default (if you continue to see random signal drops repeat changing the channel until a clear channel is found)