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Re: Problems transferring photos to wireless stick

Hello everyone, I have found a fix. I was having the same issues as you all. App kept crashing or only one or two files backed up then all of a sudden it stops saying ‘Backup complete”. The fix is instead of connecting to the SanDisk built in wireless network connect to your home wireless network. Once your phone is connected to your wireless network you then need to connect the SanDisk Connect to the same network (Go to the Sandisk menu and at the top where it says internet connection this is where you connect the Sandisk to the same network.) I’m using an iPhone 7 and even now as I’m typing this message the SanDisk Connect is backing up with no issues. Once your files are backed up you can then reconnect to the Sandisk built in wireless network and all your files are now there. Now you can turn on Auto Backup. Goodluck and I hope your issues have been resolved. Remember connect the Sandisk to a good wireless connection not the built in Sandisk wireless connection. Make sure both the phone and Sandisk are on the same stable connection. If you don’t have broadband then try connecting to a Starbucks or a friends house. My files backing up are over 3000 images and it’s already half way. Goodluck