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Reset admin pass



I didn´t reset my admin pass.


i pressed and holded the power button for 10 seconds. bla bla bla but i could not reset the pass


any body help me pls?





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Re: Reset admin pass

it takes 25 seconds. see below

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Re: Reset admin pass

OK after going round and round at lart sorted.

I Think its just not clear when you read what you need to do to reset PASSWORD.

So after trying few times and it not working.

1 unplug from computer if coneccted and turn off.
2 turn on holding down power button for about 10 seconds or untill all three leds are flashing,
let go of power button right away.
3 wait till SMD resets its self.
4 power on.
5 From your phone run SMD app, and in your Phone settings join you network for your wireless SMD.
6 From your Media Drive App on your select setting at bottem of page.
7 Go to ADMIN a Password Window pops up type in admin and press return/enter

If all is OK you should now be in admin setting screen

8 On this screen you change the name you want your network to be called,  below that

9 You can change the WI-FI Setting Password IF asked for Password enter/type    no password    press enter/return

You are done

Now just trun on and test
Admin password should be admin
WI-FI Password should be no password

If the above above worked you have reset both your passwords for your SMD 'Sandisk Media Drive'

The above was key by key and it worked for me.

I do hope it helps you reset your drive if you have been having trouble to.

Thanks for reading



Let me know if it help you.

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Re: Reset admin pass

Thank you for this information!  I was just about ready to throw this thing in the trash.  SanDisk needs to add your answer to their FAQ's!