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Files transfer from PC (Windows / Mac) to SanDisk WMD

How do we transfer files from PC (Windows / Mac) to SanDisk Wireless Media Drive without a cable & without a 3rd party app?


If iPhone, iPad and Andriod require an additional app, before it can use SanDisk Wireless Media Drive. It is understandable and acceptable.


But for a PC that is fully functionable (with WIFI), why cannot it be transfer using wirelessly? A 3rd party app may solve the problem but not all of the PCs will install such 3rd party app. What if I am require to transfer a file urgently between a laptop to a smart device (Apple / Andriod) without my cable? That is as good as dead end.


SanDisk Connect Wireless Meda Drive must support Windows / Mac using wirelessly, as it is the name for this device.

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Re: Files transfer from PC (Windows / Mac) to SanDisk WMD

After you have joined the Sandisk Media Centre Wifi hotspot you can access it in your web browser at or


You can then upload/download using the web page buttons