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Cannot delete video in iOS app

I have transferrred all the video in-app from the ipad to the SD card successfully.

They are not feature films, but 9.5 GB 30-90 sec home video clips imported via the SD card slot.

When I Select All and try to delete I get an error that says "Could not delete some video" and they are all back and completely playable.

I have deleted and reset the ipad twice and removed the SD card from the wifi drive. I delete the Sandisk app and my memory frees up. I re-install the app and everything re-appears....???????


I have to clear room off my ipad, and would like to use the wifi drive again, but I'm stuck with a full ipad and an unuseable drive. 


Suggestions? Thanks!



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Re: Cannot delete video in iOS app

Can't you plug the media drive into your computer via the USB cable and delete them that way?

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Re: Cannot delete video in iOS app

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To delete video: you open Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage > Videos. Find the video/movie you want to delete and swipe it to left, and then tap the red "Delete" button.