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HELP! Sandisk WFD Not showing any files on over wifi!

Using a MAC operating system.

32 gig Sandisk wieless flash drive.

Ipad air



When my sandisk wireless flash drive is connected wirelessly, and I go to on my Mac - no files are shown at all. No folders either. The page just says:



SanDisk Connect  Wireless Flash Drive



The rest of the page is empty. 


I've formatted the Flash Drive to Ms Dos(fat). It says on a forum to download a file called wfd1105.df2, and put it onto the flash drive. Then eject the flash drive and it should start to install, in order to re-configure the drive.  The file does not run when I eject the drive. 



When I use the IPad to access the wireless flash drive, a ppop-up states "Wireless flash. A firmware update is available for your Wirless Flash Drive. Do you want to update now?". 

I click OK, and get the message "Memory card format not supported - The memory card file system is not supported. Reformat to a supported file system". 


Where do I go from here?? Completely at a loss. 


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Re: HELP! Sandisk WFD Not showing any files on over wifi!

Are you sure the file system is MS Dos (FAT32)? That is the only supported file system for the WMD 32GB. It sounds like possibly exFAT or OS X file system was used. If it is in MS dos file type there may be something about mac format that the app does not like. Do you have access to a windows computer you can format the drive with? Use FAT32 as the file system.