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What's so special about enterprise SSD?

What's the difference between "consumer" SSDs and "enterprise" SSDs?

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Re: What's so special about enterprise SSD?

SanDisk's SATA Enterprise SSDs, such as the CloudSpeed family of solutions, delver up to 5x better endurance than client MLC SSDs.  The higher endurance ratings enables organizations to extend the working life of their application or run at a higher write performance workload without having to worry about wear out, which fundamentally changes the total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud and server storage applications. You can learn more about our Guardian Technology Platform ™ (delivered in the firmware) that improves the longevity of use for an SSD by better managing the use of bits inside the multi-level-cell (MLC) SSD drive here:

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Re: What's so special about enterprise SSD?

The other major difference between enterprise SSDs vs consumer is their optimization for:


1. Sustained random writes (their specs usually don't even list burst random write IOPS, which is the only number consumer drives list)


2. Low latency / lack of stuttering under virtually all mixes of read / write load patterns.


These are generally achieved via a lack of aggressive power management (eg: forget DEVSLP support), firmware optimization which often performs badly on consumer-focused QD1-type light loads, heavy overprovisioning / large internal spare area, and less aggressive forms of more frequent internal garbage collection.


These techniques are usually mixed with different types of enduance levels (via quality of flash used and amounts of factory overprovisioning) to produce entry, mid-tier, and flagship product classes which escalate in their endurance & ability to sustain high sustained write IOPS.  Internal power loss protection is also generally an assumed feature.