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HELP NEEDED PLEASE ! Cloudspeed Gen. II SSD 1.92Tb

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Hi Guys,

Not new to PC's but find myself in a bind here..  Have recently aquired a Cloudspeed Gen 2 SSD 1.92Tb.   I just cant seem to get it working.  I believe it may have something to do with its previous RAID configuration, and is now required to run SATA in a laptop.


when installed, can see in BIOS, but nothing in windows.  Until I removed it and out it in a USB3 external case, I couldnt even see it in Disk admin.  Now I can, but I cant seem to repartition it or do anything else.  I get a "Data Error (cyclic Redundancy Check)" If I try to repartition or even mount the drive.


Could someone please provide some steps or advice in how to achive this?  I dont need it to hold the OS (win10-64) as its for storage of clips for my film editing.

I'm running out of time on the returns here, any help would be oh-so appreciated.

Many thanks


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Re: HELP NEEDED PLEASE ! Cloudspeed Gen. II SSD 1.92Tb

Hi Stoo1701,


Thanks for posting your question.


For the latest support information, please go to:


Additionally, you can go to:

to install the latest firmware for you drive model. Please follow the tools guidance (SanDisk Guard is the GUI used to update firmware and format for many SanDisk drives)


After updating the firmware you can try to format your drive again. Additionally, if it has previous RAID config, a low level format should clear it, or you can use diskpart to select that drive and clean it.