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Re: lock/unlock player

Thanks again to KarlZ, who unlocked the mystery of the "hold" button.  I also use the player almost exclusively for audiobooks.  All my previous SanDisk players (and I had quite a few of them) had a "hold" function.  This one did not even have it in the manual.  I, too, was ready to return mine to amazon.


It's odd that a user and not a SanDisk rep was the one to give the solution to the missing function, after quite a few complaints from users.  

And just in case someone from SanDisk happens to glance at the board, as an audiobook listener I would like the rewind button to take me to the end of the previous chapter (song).  There was one version of the OS that had that function, and then it was scrubbed..


So thanks again, KarlZ.