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Sansa Updater don't work with Clip Sport

As I say in subject. sansa updater don't work with clip sport.

I see message "Wait until your device is recognized by Windows, then click the Finish button, or Cancel to quit", but when I click on Finish button nothing happens.

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Re: Sansa Updater don't work with Clip Sport

Mine did the same thing several times. I think it did actually work though the message did not come up.

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Re: Sansa Updater don't work with Clip Sport

The Clip Sport was only released a week ago. No firmware update has yet been offered so no, the Updater won't work with it.

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Re: Sansa Updater don't work with Clip Sport

There may be 2 separate issues here:  whether the Updater will work with the Sport and whether there are any firmware updates for the Sport.


As Tapeworm notes, the Sport is new--as far as I am aware, no firmware updates for it, yet. Typically, SanDisk will post them here as they issue.


As to the Updater, if it won't work with the Sport, it is possible that SanDisk has not yet updated the Updater itself to work with the Sport (if that is needed).  Or, this could just be a momentary glitch.


Separately, though, you just might want to not bother with the Updater.  It sits on your computer continually using a small amount of computer resources, only to alert you to those few instances when a new firmware issues.  You might want to save adding extra blog to your computer and just check back here, every now and again.  As noted, SanDisk typically posts new firmware here.  Your computer will thank you.