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Re: Sandisk Clip Sport audiobook problem files out of order

One large file does work on the Clip+ and Zip but it's not so good on the Sport and Jam. It becomes almost impossible to fast forward on these players on large files. I actually do the opposite as if I have an Audio book as one file I use a freeware programme to slit it into parts as I find it easier to navigate etc and these slpit files seem to behave themselves on my Sport as I have no problems with the order getting confused. I never use any tags as they just seem to make things more complicated.

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Re: Sandisk Clip Sport audiobook problem files out of order

So how does the Clip Sport sort the files, I have a book with 196 mp3's and nothing I do fixes the ordering problem.


I have tried everything : 


-edited the mp3 tags of tracknumber 001-196. 

-edited the mp3 tags of title 001-196.

-edited all filenames 001.mp3 to 196.mp3, even that doesn't work.

-I used software to change the dates ascending

-I copied all files to a new folder (where windows obviously sorts them perfectly) and copied them back.


Surely on of these should have worked, how is this acceptable?


I am left with the conclusion that NO ordering at all is going on.

Is there maybe old firmware that does work?


One large file is not an option for unless it syncs (like m4a in itunes).


This means this product is broken for me and I am about to return it because it CAN'T be used for audiobooks as advertised. Should have bought another ipod shuffle but it doesn't have an sd slot.

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Re: Sandisk Clip Sport audiobook problem files out of order

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If you have a book with 196 files that you want played in order.  Here is one idea.

    This idea will work if all 196 files are in one subfolder under Music.

    The filenames must start with the 3-digit number (as you described).


Put this this 2-line command into a text file and save as "mybook.bat"  (must be a text file, not rtf, not doc).

    @echo off
    dir /o:n /s /b *.mp3 *.wma *.wav> My196Book.m3u


Save the bat file in the same subfolder as your 196 book files.

Then use Win File Explorer and double click on the file "mybook.bat".  The m3u playlist will be created (very fast).

Use Music mode to play this playlist.  

The files should play in your desired order (based on 3-digit prefixes in the filenames).

     (Make sure the player Shuffle is Off.)



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Re: Sandisk Clip Sport audiobook problem

Did Jolynn get the answer to fix the problem? I've been having the same trouble and much of what is discussed is greek to me. I just want the gizmo to work the way it did for the first three years' of use!