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SanDisk Clip Sport Plus and Audible AGAIN

I have a SanDisk Clip Sport Plus, Firmware 2.09. It's new. I loaded an Audible aa formated Format 4 file through the Audible Manager. I activated the SanDisk. Audible Manager sees the file on the Sport. Everything in audible seems ok.


When I go to the Audible folder on the Sport, the file is there. But when I click on it to play I get "File format not supported".


What do I need to do to get the Clip[ Sport Plus to see the file and play it? 


Any suggestions would be helpful.





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Re: SanDisk Clip Sport Plus and Audible AGAIN

the clip sport plus only support Audible enhanced format .aax. see the link below. Also there is a board for the clip sport plus so this post may be moved to the correct board.


SanDisk Clip Sport Plus/Sport/Jam/Voice supported audio/music formats
 AA / AAX (audible) (Clip Sport Plus/Voice Audible Enhanced Audio .aax) (Clip Sport/Jam Format 4 and Audible Enhanced Audio .aax)
 AAC / M4A (Files up to 15 mins in length)
 FLAC (16 bit)
 Ogg Vorbis
 WMA (DRM free)

NOTE: Clip Sport Plus/Sport/Jam/Voice supports audiobooks obtained from Audible and DRM free Audiobooks only.