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Podcasts play in weird order

I posted another thread about my main issue, but I'm having another issue that's less important, but kind of annoying.


I downloaded all of the Welcome to Night Vale podcasts, and put them in my Podcasts folder on the MP3 player. Every episode is numbered, and in the folder, they appear in numeric order. But when I open that folder in the MP3 player's menu (rather than on my computer while the player is connected), the tracks don't appear in numeric order. Which is kind of annoying when I'm trying to listen to them in order. Any idea why this is happening, or what I can do to fix it? Thanks!

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Re: Podcasts play in weird order

The Sport orders the files according to the FAT32 filling system rather than using the logical file names. I use the Freeware "DriveSort" to sort it out. It only takes a couple of clicks.