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Playlists on Sandisk Clip Sport

Recently purchased the Clip Sport Plus and I'm beginning to wonder if I can create any plylists other than 3 GoLists. I'm using an HP laptop running Windows 10. I thought I found the answer here: but Step 2 under Sync Playlist says that it needs to be in MTP mode. Researching that, I found that apparently this model only MSC. So basically, my question is (and keep in mind I'm not that tech savy), other play lists are not possible on this model?

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Re: Playlists on Sandisk Clip Sport

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Try this procedure submitted by very special member DFELD2005:


And mucho kudos to him for all his research, experimentation and help to others with this issue (and other issues as well) on the forum! He is truly a valued member of this community! Smiley Wink

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Re: Playlists on Sandisk Clip Sport

Here is a recent message from new forum member JSW1735.  This description clarfies the method using Windows Media Player.


AND here is link to my current favorite method, the automated batch file command.

     With a really helpful modification by new forum member TVRWM.


However, I must admit, sometimes I get really wild and just "shuffle all".

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Re: Playlists on Sandisk Clip Sport

I use mp3tag.


First, in mp3tag, i check that all the songs are formatted with the ISO 8859 to avoid any problem (in tools>options>tag>mpeg then i just select all the files and add the comment "ISO" so for the future i know which files have it and which not. Then i save all and empty the list, because i will mp3tag later).

I don't know if it necessary but i had problems with other format and/or accented characters.This step need to be done only once. i just imported my whole library and did that for all the files.


Then i tranfer the files to the player in the "music" folder inside the same folder. 

I use the playlist for genres, so i will have for example "metal" and inside all my bands folders and inside them my folders/files


Then i drag the folder itself in mp3tag and i just press create playlist. Then i just give it the same name as the folder and i save.

Doing like that i will have the metal.m3u inside the metal folder.


Now going in "Music" on the player under playlist you should see the playlists. That's all.