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Re: Frozen on volume screen

How do you update FW im stuck on the volume screen and i dont know what to do I just got this today
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Re: Frozen on volume screen

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To turn off a frozen Clip Sport, try pressing down on the On/Off/Select button for 20 secs and then let go. 

I use the same method if my Clip Sport will not turn on with the standard 3 sec button press. 


And maybe make sure your device  is working OK before you attempt a firmware update.  The most recent updates attempted to fix problems for Audible users, but no new big features since Jan 2016. 

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Re: Frozen on volume screen

Had this happen to me recently and it was definitely moisture, the player had gotten wet in the rain and after drying it with a hairdryer for a few minutes, the problem went away. Probably best to leave it in a warm place over night..