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File format not supported??

I've been playing a series of lectures on this for eight months. I recently paused it for two minutes, pressed Play again and "file format not supported". What??!!


I have these on an external sd card. I never got the issue resolved with these lectures being out of order, random folders being created, and a jumbled mess on the mp3 player itself. The only 'help' I got from technical support was "we make the best mp3 players in the world. You must be doing something wrong". There is an English term for this kind of response - low life.

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Re: File format not supported??

Sandisk players often have issues with cards faster than class 4. I suggest using a Sandisk class 4 card with your player for maximum compatibility.

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Re: File format not supported??

I use the MNTCMD app

It will probably work.

The app can only be found in apk because it is old

It will still work, though.