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Example of working playlist

I have a Clip Sport but have failed to get any M3U playlists to work. I have trawled both this forum and Google, followed the advise but to no avail.


My playlists have been created using a plain text editor and contain one m4a song which I have verified as being able to play on the Clip Sort outside of the playlist. I do not have a Windows machine so am unable to use Windows Media Player or other Windows based solutions (my next attempt at a resolution is to acquire a Windows machine).


The playlist shows in the playlist menu on the Clip Sport but shows [empty] where I would expect to see my one song.


Below is the content of my M3U file, the playlist file is named test.m3u and the m4a file test.m4a. They are both in the Music directory.





I have tried the following suggestions:

  • Adding a #EXTINF line
  • Placing two line breaks after each line
  • Removing the #EXTM3U line
  • Restarting the Clip Sport 

If anyone is able to offer any help or a sample working M3U file I can test with I would greatly appreciate it.





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Re: Example of working playlist

"The Clip Sport/Jam only supports M3U playlists and they must be stored in the same directory as the files in the playlist."

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Re: Example of working playlist

What Clip sport owners  do who want to use playlists containing all their songs(up to 2000 songs) if all the songs 

don't fit in internal memory is to get a card with enough capacity(get a class 4 one, as faster cards are likely to cause issues. Some non Sandisk 32GB cards might also cause issues even if they are class 4) and have all their songs on the card.


By the way, there is a separate forum for the Clip Sport.




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Re: Example of working playlist

Thanks for your help.


I have tried adding three mp3 files to a directory in the muisc folder then placing the m3u playlist in the same directory using relative paths in the m3u file but the playlist still shows up blank on my mp3 player.


Can you please send an example of a working m3u playlist so I can compare?


Thank you.

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Re: Example of working playlist

[ Edited ]

Create the playlist with any playlist editor on your computer with songs on your Sport (which has to be connected to your computer of course). Then save the playlist as M3U to the root directory of your Sport's internal memory or to the card's root directory. That should work. It's essential to save it directly to the Sport (or its card) instead of saving it on your computer and copy it to the Sport.


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Re: Example of working playlist

Thanks for the help, this was what I had been trying but to no avail. I managed to get hold of a windows machine and created a working M3U playlist from that. I then used that working playlist to create a simple bash command line script that you can run from any directory on the MP3 player to create a working playlist of all files in that directory.


echo "#EXTM3U^M" > playlist.m3u;for f in *; do echo "#EXTINF:0,$f^M" >> playlist.m3u;echo "$f^M" >> playlist.m3u;echo "^M" >> playlist.m3u; done;
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Re: Example of working playlist

I've wasted an afternoon on this, I was getting "empty playlist" but found a solution. I don't use windows, i'm always either on mac (osx) or linux.


When you create a playlist, the line endings must be in windows format.


I have the sandisk clip jam 8GB and to create a working playlist from a mac, I do the following:-


  1. Attach the clip jam to the mac so it shows up in finder
  2. Use either VLC or itunes to create and export an .m3u playlist
  3. Open the playlist up in a code editor (I use sublime text 2)
  4. Do a search and replace to remove the /Volumes/CLIP JAM/Music/ part of the file paths - I have my music arranged by artist/album, so a typical path would end up as e.g.:-

    Gong/Camembert Electrique/11 Gnome The Second.mp3
  5. CONVERT THE LINE ENDINGS TO WINDOWS FORMAT <- this is important, without doing this you will get "empty playlist"
  6. save to the music folder on the clip jam

Voila, not only does it now work, but it works across multiple directories, contrary to what the user manual, and a whole load of forum posts seem to suggest.


Here is my playlist in full:-

#EXTINF:27,Radio Gnome - Gong
Gong/Camembert Electrique/01 Radio Gnome.mp3
#EXTINF:376,You Can't Kill Me - Gong
Gong/Camembert Electrique/02 You Can't Kill Me.mp3
#EXTINF:156,Medley: I've Bin Stone Before/Mister Long Shanks/O Mother - Gong
Gong/Camembert Electrique/03 Medley_ I've Bin Stone Before_.mp3
#EXTINF:359,I Am Your Fantasy - Gong
Gong/Camembert Electrique/04 I Am Your Fantasy.mp3
#EXTINF:272,Medley: Dynamite/I Am Your Animal - Gong
Gong/Camembert Electrique/05 Medley_ Dynamite_I Am Your Ani.mp3
#EXTINF:29,Wet Cheese Delirium - Gong
Gong/Camembert Electrique/06 Wet Cheese Delirium.mp3
#EXTINF:15,Squeezing Sponges Over Policemens Heads - Gong
Gong/Camembert Electrique/07 Squeezing Sponges Over Policem.mp3
#EXTINF:382,Fohat Digs Holes in Space - Gong
Gong/Camembert Electrique/08 Fohat Digs Holes in Space.mp3
#EXTINF:278,Tried So Hard - Gong
Gong/Camembert Electrique/09 Tried So Hard.mp3
#EXTINF:459,Medley: Tropical Fish/Selene - Gong
Gong/Camembert Electrique/10 Medley_ Tropical Fish_Selene.mp3
#EXTINF:27,Gnome The Second - Gong
Gong/Camembert Electrique/11 Gnome The Second.mp3
#EXTINF:521,Elements - Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly/Lost Horizons/01 Elements.mp3
#EXTINF:417,Space Walk - Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly/Lost Horizons/02 Space Walk.mp3
#EXTINF:426,Ramblin' Man - Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly/Lost Horizons/03 Ramblin' Man.mp3
#EXTINF:521,Return To Patagonia - Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly/Lost Horizons/04 Return To Patagonia.mp3
#EXTINF:366,Nice Weather For Ducks - Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly/Lost Horizons/05 Nice Weather For Ducks.mp3
#EXTINF:354,Experiment Number 6 - Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly/Lost Horizons/06 Experiment Number 6.mp3
#EXTINF:444,Closer - Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly/Lost Horizons/07 Closer.mp3
#EXTINF:444,Closer - Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly/Lost Horizons/07 Closer 1.mp3
#EXTINF:543,The Curse Of Ka'zar - Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly/Lost Horizons/08 The Curse Of Ka'zar.mp3
#EXTINF:514,Pushy - Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly/Lost Horizons/09 Pushy.mp3
#EXTINF:221,Cash Machine - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/01 Cash Machine.mp3
#EXTINF:231,Middle Eastern Holiday - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/02 Middle Eastern Holiday.mp3
#EXTINF:291,Tied Up Too Tight - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/03 Tied Up Too Tight.mp3
#EXTINF:167,Gotta Reason - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/04 Gotta Reason.mp3
#EXTINF:252,Hard To Beat - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/05 Hard To Beat.mp3
#EXTINF:224,Unnecessary Trouble - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/06 Unnecessary Trouble.mp3
#EXTINF:310,Move On Now - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/07 Move On Now.mp3
#EXTINF:277,Better Do Better - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/08 Better Do Better.mp3
#EXTINF:279,Feltham Is Singing Out - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/09 Feltham Is Singing Out.mp3
#EXTINF:222,Living For The Weekeng - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/10 Living For The Weekeng.mp3
#EXTINF:238,Stars CCTV - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/11 Stars CCTV.mp3
#EXTINF:203,Stronger - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/12 Stronger.mp3
#EXTINF:200,Sick Of It All - Hard-Fi
Hard-Fi/Stars of CCTV/13 Sick Of It All.mp3


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Re: Example of working playlist

What do you mean when you say "convert line endings into Windows format"?  Can you post an example?



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Re: Example of working playlist

Rickthevan, thank you for the answer, as I was having the same problem!


Carusoswi, or anyone else who surfs in and is confused by "convert line endings into Windows format"

  • If you Save As in TextWrangler, there is a dropdown for Line Breaks which defaults to Unix. Change it to Windows. 
  • If you Save As in Gedit, there is a dropdown for Line Ending, same story.
  • I'm sure similar for other text editors.