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Audiobook out of sequence

After 4 years of frustration, I am giving up on both my SanDisks for audiobooks.  Whatever tag is key to its mysterious sequencing, it is NOT logical, visible, alphabetical or numeric.  It would certainly be useful if the mysterious ID tag that governs sequence of play were revealed; as far as I can tell, it is not.  And if it is publicly available, how does one edit it to satisfy the player?


The only solution to an audiobook lover with this brand is to concatenate all the book chapters into one enormous file.  That prevents the SanDisk player from screwing up the sequencing, but then you may find yourself 14/17ths of the way through War and Peace when you need to restart the file.

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Re: Audiobook out of sequence

Here are a few suggestions to get you on the road to a working solution.

1. Try using mp3tag software (shareware) to edit the Filenames and ID3 tags in your audiobook files.
2. Try using Album names (book titles) and FIlenames (chapter titles) that have unique sorting information within the first 12-16 characters.
3. Try using track numbers from 01-99. Three digit track numbers will not sort correctly.
4. For tracks above 99, you can try creating a "Part B" of a Book and re-start the track counting from 01.

Example version of this tagging scheme.
Album Names: Abcdef-CD01, Abcdef-CD02, Abcdef-CD03, etc [no higher than CD99 for one book]
  Titles (Chapter Titles): Chapt 01, Chapt 02, Chapt 03, etc [no higher than Chapt 99 for each CD]
    2-digit track numbers that match the Chapt numbers for each CD. Start renumbering at 01 for each CD.