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Re: Any hope for music integration?

' As explained by manufacturers, high sound quality is bound to high current consumption."


Not really, except for inefficient headphones or earphones that need the high power to produce a decent volume. Using efficient headphones or earphones on the Sandisk players gives great sound quality(when the music files are high quality). Having said that though, I did notice that the 63 ohm Sony V6 headphones are not at their best with sandisk players, and need a higher powered source to be at their best. I mostly use 16 ohm efficient earphones with my Sandisk players, although sometimes I use headphones up to 32 ohms. I don't use my Sony V6 with my Sandisk players anymore, as I don't like how the combination performs. I guess if I use an external headphone amp with them the combination would be good. That other player you mentioned is basically a player with a built in high power headphone amp.


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Re: Any hope for music integration?

Not sure if agree with you on everything, but as explained, I wouldn't need the power that the X3 II offers (with my Shure SE846), but the sound quality is clearly higher than that of any SanDisk player (as good as those sound for their size and price). And I don't know any (smaller, weaker, longer-lasting...) DAP with a similar or higher sound quality at the same price.