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Album art - a consensus?

So, as an owner now of a Sansa Sport, Zip and Fuze+, I find that if I drag and drop an album which won't display artwork on my Sport, it will be the same for the Zip and Fuze+. 

I have read all the suggestions on here, keeping the artwork to certain dimensions, under a certain size, using JPGs and imbedding the artwork using an old Creative media program. I also rename them or folder.jpg.

This usually works best I would say maybe 1 or 2% just won't play ball.

So, should I just admit defeat with these albums or are there other fixes?

I would love to gather up everyone's opinion and suggestions on this so I know I have tried everything!

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Re: Album art - a consensus?

can you PM me a link to a file you are having issue with and the artwork you are using? i will see if i can make it work. 

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Re: Album art - a consensus?

Maybe try downloading album art from the website "discogs".  Those embedded jpg files work well on my Clip Sport.


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Re: Album art - a consensus?

It would also be nice if embedded cover images could be display for Ogg/Vorbis files, it looks like the player doesn't do this at the moment,or is it woring for anyone ?

Apparently the normal way to do this is add them to the tag as a comment, described here: