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How is sound quality of Clip Sport Plus?

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Am considering buying the Clip Sport Plus, and ran across this account of the sound quality (pretty damning):


"it sounds really bad. I mean shockingly, beyond belief, obvious to anyone with ears bad. Not sure if I got a bum unit or if that's how they all sound.


There's distortion in the bass at all volume levels and a weird warbling in the treble. The hiss level with even insensitive IEMs is more than I've come across except a few offbrand cheapies I bought back in the day they were available locally.


Oddly most of the SQ issues are fixed using the included IEMS. Maybe that's what they used for testing. Even with those there's still issues, just not as obvious. Almost decent sound quality with a certain set of headphones isn't good enough."


Does this square with anyone's experience of the Clip Sport Plus? I'm wondering if this was a defective unit.


Have people's impressions of the Clip Sport Plus sound quality been good? Is it comparable to the Clip Sport or earlier Clip models?


Many thanks.