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Re: Airpods

The SanDisk Clip Sport Plus (Firmware 2.18.B01) cannot connect to airpods, specifically A2032/A2031/A1602.


Below is my conversation with their tech support.  They dropped before I finished the reinstall of the firmware, but that did not fix the issue.  They told me to return the airpods and buy older airpods.


Victor M.: Bob, May I know what Exact issue you are facing while connecting the airpods with your mp3 player?

Bob_F: The airpods show as an available Bluetooth device, but when I click on them in the list, the SanDisk never connects
Bob_F: my firmware is 2.18.B01
Bob_F: so I think that is the latest, from what I can find

Victor M.: Have you try to connect this Airpod with another player?

Bob_F: not with another MP3 player, this is the only one I have, but they connect to my phone and my daughter's phone

Victor M.: Please share the make and model of the air pod?

Bob_F: not sure how to find that info
Bob_F: its not on airpods or case
Bob_F: let me connect them to my phone and see if that displays the info

Victor M.: May I know are you try to listen mp3 files of radio?

Victor M.: Sure.

Bob_F: mp3

Victor M.: Alright.

Bob_F: I found the box
Bob_F: let me see if that has the info
Bob_F: Model A2032 A2031 A1602
Bob_F: I guess the left and right airpod each has its own model
Bob_F: and the case

Victor M.: Alright .
Victor M.: We suggest you to try to connect using another try another blue tooth headphone.

Bob_F: you mean the sandisk doesn't work with airpods?
Bob_F: my wife said she checked before buying them on SanDisk forums

Victor M.: Alright.

Bob_F: the Sandisk definitely can connect to other bluetooth earphones
Bob_F: it connected to my daughter's cheap earphones

Victor M.: It seems the pod have compatibility issue with the player.

Bob_F: so you don't support the player?
Bob_F: the forums indicated that firmware with B01 work with airpods
Bob_F: if that is not that case, why has the forum been left up for over a year

Victor M.: Bob, please be informed that the air pods you are using have compatibility issue we suggest you to replace it from place of purchase.

Bob_F: do any airpods work with the SanDisk?
Bob_F: Is there a specific model airpod I need to use?

Victor M.: You can try to use 1st generation with your player.
Victor M.: However we do not have any recommended blue tooth devices.
Victor M.: You can try to uninstall and reinstall the firm ware version as well.

Bob_F: how do I do that?

Victor M.: In order to know how to update SanDisk Clip Sport Plus / Voice Firmware 2.18 Download and Installation Instructions

Bob_F: the article doesn't indicate how to uninstall, just how to install the firmware

Victor M.: Settings>System Settings> Restore.
Victor M.:
Is there anything else I may assist you with, Bob?

Bob_F: I am still attempting the restore

Victor M.: Are you able to do it?
Victor M.: Since we are not getting any response from you we are disconnecting the chat.
Victor M.:
Thank you for contacting SanDisk® Global Customer Care, and you have a great day, Bob.

Victor M. has disconnected.