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Albums Mixing

All my albums are mixing into 1 album called "unknown album"

They all have all the album, artist, year, and genre, but they are all still mixing into the same album. 
I've made sure they are all separate, and downloading them 1 by 1 doesn't change anything. Anything would help. Thanks. 
Also, the thing I'm using to download onto the clip go is Windows Media Player.

The file explorer shows that all the albums aren't mixed together, but the mp3 player itself does.

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Re: Albums Mixing

Your description suggests to me that your music files do not have the unique album titles entered into the ID3 tags.
Try using the shareware software "mp3tag" to update your music files.  

ALSO, there are at least 3 ways of playing music files with SanDisk players.
Music Mode (sorted via ID3 tag data).
Folder Mode (sorted by folder location & date files added to the player).
Playlist Mode (sorted by file lists in m3u text files) (see mp3tag software).