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Volume not loud enough

Hello all, I am playing my Clip Jam through my car sterio. The volume is too low. If I use my phone I can turn the phone volume up and then adjust the volume on the radio. With the Clip Jam I have the radio volume all the way up and it is still to low. The only thing I can find for volume is high or low. Is there a volume control that I'm missing?


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Re: Volume not loud enough

You're using the volume control on the left side of the player to adjust, right?

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Re: Volume not loud enough

Have you enabled the higher volume nag that pops up every blooming time you turn it on?  That limits volume.

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Re: Volume not loud enough

Here are some System Settings that I use to optimize the volume on my Clip Sport..


Anytime I update the FirmWare or need to use the internal Restore command (almost never), I select North America for the region.  Sometimes the player asks to confirm this selection a few times. The prompt usually goes away after 3 times (?)

North America Region enables the player to use the "Normal" volume.


Settings menu -> System Settings

   -> Volume  (Normal setting is 2x louder than High)

   -> Equalizer (Pop setting is 2x louder than Normal)

   -> Replay Gain (I use Off, but you could try the Pre-gain 4.5db)


Maybe report your results here to inform Clip Jam (and Sport) users.


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Re: Volume not loud enough

2 buttons on left side. go into settings select equalizer press toppbutton.