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The Clip Jam works....but wont mount. What's up?

My clip jam works ok....and when i connect it, it gets power....but I cannot get it to mount to add anything to it.


Anyone have ideas? I've tried different cords and reformatting it and nothing seems to work.

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Re: The Clip Jam works....but wont mount. What's up?

Hi there, I realize this is a late reply but just in case you check back or someone else has the same problem.


I've have this problem as well sometimes.  The device connects and says "charging" but I cannot transfer.  I've fixed it by cleaning the USB port on the device.  Sometimes I use the corner of a tissue dipped in alcohol to clean around the contacts, sometimes Deoxit.  I let the port dry for a few minutes, try connecting again and usually it works.  I repeat the cleaning if it doesn't work on the first try.

Sometimes switching to a new USB cord works too.

Hope this helps.