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Play method

Hi all,


not sure if this issue has been raised, or there is a work around. Basicly with my previous player regardless of the location of the mp3s, it would play them all. ie on the player or SD card.


However since I bought this new player Clip Jam,  it wont play all my files, I have to select player or sd card, which is annoying. I want it to play them all. Yes i could move all the ones from SD card to the player, but i would run out of space. It there a work around? PS, I have the latest firmware. 1.12


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Play method

Yes, the older SanDisk players did play from both the internal memory & SD card seamlessly.


Due to the newer, less powerful processor SanDisk had to implement on these newer players, I don't think that's possible any more.Smiley Sad

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Re: Play method

Can we have official confirmation? If this is true, it's not very good.