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USB reader "malfunction"

I have had an 8-in-1 USB reader for a couple of years and it recently stopped 
working. Connecting the drive to a USB port produced a message that the drive
was malfunctioning. I checked the port by successfully connecting another
device. I am running Windows XP. I followed the steps of editing the registry
and removing the lines of code indicated in your troubleshooting section. The
drive still did not work. I tried it on another computer and it worked so it is
not a hardware problem with the reader.

Yesterday, I purchased a new 12-in-1 reader and it encounters the same
"malfunction" error. This is especially discouraging given the cost of the new

What could be causing this problem? I can't think of any changes I made to the
computer between the last successful use and the first malfunction. I did not
install any other new hardware or software.
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Re: USB reader "malfunction"

try using system restore on your computer. restore it to a point when the reader was working on your computer.