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MobileMate Micro Reader and Vista (driver)

Just got my Mobilemate micro [SDDR-121-E11M]  and my 8gb micro card today, plugged it into to laptop and it looks for drivers and fails to install. 

Tried different usb slots, tried with card in and out.

Tried with my old 1gb card instead of the 8gb

Tried searching for drivers on my pc

Tried searching online

Tried searching Sandisk...

Tried windowsupdate (just in case I was missing anything. but I'm up to date)


Apparently this is compatible with Vista (I'm running Home 32bit) and I was assuming it wouldn't require drivers but would recognise as a removable storage drive automatically. But this isn't the case.


Am I going mad, or is this really not vista compatabile, or am I doing something wrong?

Anyone else got their's working in Vista



SanDisk MobileMate™ Micro Reader SDDR-121-E11M

Acer aspire 9300

Vista Home Premium (which is rubbish!)

2gb Ram

4Built in USB 2 slots (tried all 4)



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Re: MobileMate Micro Reader and Vista (driver)

Known issue with Vista.


As long as it identified the reader properly, try this hotfix from Microsoft first, KB940199


If that does not work, then delete the INFCACHE.1 file in the C:\Windows\inf folder (you have to show hidden files and folders from the Tools > Options menu and then click ont he View tab) and reboot.  Then plug the reader back in.

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Re: MobileMate Micro Reader and Vista (driver)

tried the hotfix without success.


Renamed infcache.1 to old-infcache.1.old and moved to different folder - still no joy


deleted infcache.1 (old and new) and still no joy..



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Re: MobileMate Micro Reader and Vista (driver)

Does it give it the proper name when it is plugged in?  In the Device Manager (right click on Computer, choose Manage, click on Device Manager on the left side) what is the exact name of the reader and does it have an exclamation point or question mark?

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Re: MobileMate Micro Reader and Vista (driver)

Windows identifies the reader fine. (see screenshot) but just can't "find the drivers"


I've tried "updating drivers", I've tried uninstalling drivers, tried updating driver software... but nothing seems to make a difference.



See it's recognised ok!

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Re: MobileMate Micro Reader and Vista (driver)

So you have tried unistalling the driver that's shown in the screenshot you've posted?
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Re: MobileMate Micro Reader and Vista (driver)

Yes, tried uninstalling. and "updating". both with and without rebooting (just in case that made a difference)



I've also tried a couple of hotfixes from Microsoft -one for drivers that were unable to be installed and one for cards of 8gb and above that aren't recognised. However, I already had these installed and they wouldn't re-install.


I also tried a couple of hotfixes (one beta, that I had to request) involving corrupt infcache.1 files.



Here's the interesting thing:


The reader won't install at all. regardless of whether I put a 1gb, 8gb or no card at all in it.


I've also got a regular micro - Full size SD adapter. This works with my 1gb Micro SD (also sandisk as it happens) But when I put the 8gb card in... nothing, no hardware beep, no drivers, no recognition, nothing.. (all being inserted into the built in reader of the acer laptop - Drivers for it are up to date and it should recognise SDHC cards apparently)


So I supsect that either I had two seperate issues regarding hardware: or the driver problem effects both the reader and the card!


..... Yet another reason why Vista will be the last windows OS I ever own!!!!!! Next time I'mgoing to "THink Different"

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Re: MobileMate Micro Reader and Vista (driver)

How did you get on with this my friend.?


I have exactly the same issue, and even my laptop is an Aspire.  Im running Vista too, although its Business.


Can anyone help.


I have exactly the same issues as the thread starter.



Thanks in advance



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Re: MobileMate Micro Reader and Vista (driver)

Any news.  Same problem here, also with an Acer Aspire laptop.
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Re: MobileMate Micro Reader and Vista (driver)

i'm having the same trouble as you all i believe. shows up in device manager as generic storage device usb device. but when i look under computer it says removable disk E. i've tried downloading to it but when i try to save the download to disk E it says insert disk. what? i have a sandisk 4gb in it. starting to look like this thing is a bust