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sansa c250 2.0Gb

I would like to update two of these players but can not find any thing for this model.

both are made in china. both bought in england.

I have downloaded audiobooks from "Librivox" but they are not recognised by "Audible"

Anyone know anything to help

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Re: sansa c250 2.0Gb

I'm not sure if the c200 series supports Audible or not. These are ancient and rather low-end players. There were 2 hardware versions like the e200 series. In that series (e200), only the v2 model worked with Audible if I remember correctly. This might also be true of the c200 series. You should check with Audible if this is a supported player or not.


You can find the firmware updates for all Sansa players (including both versions of the c200 series) in the Sansa Firmware Thread.