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Sandisk extreme Firewire SDDRX4-CF freezes the Operating System

Hello everybody and everyone! I hope you can help me.


I have just received a Sandisk extreme Firewire SDDRX4-CF (used, good aspect, allegedely worked on Macintosh) and connected it to a FW800 extension card: Iocrest SY-PEX30016 with a TI chip XIO2213BZAY (new, not tested by me otherwise).


I observe nearly the same on Windows (2k sp4, Xp sp3 32b, seasoned user for both, 7 sp1 32b) and on Linux (occasional user! Ubuntu 14, old GPartEd, recent Tails 5.6). The FW800 extension card gets its OHCI driver by Windows, properly installed, said to suffice. When I connect the reader, nothing observable happens (on both FW800 ports). When I insert a CF (32GB UDMA7 5V and 4GB UDMA4 5V, both sound and formatted) in the reader, the OS freezes. That is:

- With the CF already in the reader, both Win and Linux stop booting without a message;

- Inserting the CF after booting freezes Windows after 10-20s but does nothing with Linux;

- No volume is ever displayed for the CF;

- The OHCI driver on W2k and Xp is never displayed by the Device Manager as Win freezes earlier.
But 7 briefly shows that its disk.sys and partmngr.sys aren't properly installed.
And the Unibrain driver gives W2k's Device Manager time to show that it tries to install a (disk ?) driver.


I can tell more in detail and make more trials, but have only these two FW800 parts.


Previously I had a FW400 card reader at my mobo's port (Ga-ep45-ud3r, chip TI TSB43AB23 presently disabled in the Bios) and everything ran right after connecting, with the built-in OHCI drivers.


Explanations, suggestions, even remedies please? Thank you!