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Formatted 8GB MicroSDHC card now reads as 1.7GB

Hi - I'd be grateful for help from the SanDisk gurus. I've looked at the other posts on this forum about formatted cards suddenly losing most of their capacity. I installed the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool but when I start it up it never gets beyond checking the device. Can anyone explain to me what could cause that to happen?
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Re: Formatted 8GB MicroSDHC card now reads as 1.7GB

Is it a new card?

Is it a genunine SanDisk brand?

Did you buy it from a reputable dealer or from someone in China on eBay?

If the latter, it could be counterfeit. We've heard from a few people that got burned this way.


You said you looked at the other relevant posts/threads here on this subject already. Did you see the one from someone who bought an 8GB card off eBay and it turned out to be a 2GB counterfeit card? A 2 gig card would have approx. 1.78GB of useable memory. Is that what your card is showing?