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16GB Extreme 111 Card will not read on my computer and causes errors in my camera

Have used my card for a while and yesterday after shooting, I tried downloading but was unsuccessful. Tried different card readers (USB, firewire etc) and I get a message that the card is not readable or recognizable. I actually could smell something burning in one of the card readers.


I put my card into my Canon 5D Mark 11 and got an error message 80 which actually caused my camera to stop working. The camera works fine with all my other cards and so do my card readers.


Have some wedding images that I need to get off this card. Any suggestions???

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Re: 16GB Extreme 111 Card will not read on my computer and causes errors in my camera

I have same issue but with Canon EOS 20D and so took my card to data recovery experts for evaluation , they said it was corrupted (which i knew after trying data search with sandisk program and using both Windows & and Mac OSX to try and read from the card reader and from the camera output jack ) They recovered data and re-built my photo files and the card is dead , cannot be formatted even.....I have 2 other CF cards with the same problem from 2 Canon cameras , one not that old.......

The reader seems to be the problem , unless i got 3 "bad" CF crds.....

The data recovery experts are not that cheap , it was  AUS $200 for my easy recovery, full chip removal from the card and extra work however,would have been $600+ and no guarantee that any data would be recovered......

When i picked up my data disc and paid , they had a customer who had scanned images from her camera to a PC then onto a 256GB usb stick for "safe keeping" which had failed and had lost all the data . They expected that ony some of the data would be retrieved , the bigger the capacity the harder to recover it all....

It is recomended that you back up twice , back up once more and keep that off-site AND back up to the google cloud storage or some other photo hosting site on-line.....

One thing NOT TO DO is try and get that data off the card , just take it to an expert as you can desroy what they may be able to salvage with proper software and a lot of time to reconstuct your files virtually with those programs....

I think a business doing this sort of recovery will do very well in future as so many put their faith in new technology....

Our best bet is not to.....

Good luck , let us know how you fare?


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Re: 16GB Extreme 111 Card will not read on my computer and causes errors in my camera

The problem has got nothing to do with Sandisk, as it is an internal error of MS files.


Yes, problem lies within SP3.

No, you cannot use the MS KB updates, as the files in the updates are allready installed with SP3 => you'll just get an install error.

Yes there is a solution, though I didnt yes try it myself; reports on www suggests exchanging a specific system file in XP with the same file from Vista.


Problem is your computer will only use 4, 8, 16GB SDHC, and not 2GB cards (or smaller).

To use smaller cards, you have to change back the specific system file mentioned above.