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Solution for bent pins using Compact Flash...

I don't know if anyone else has had this issue, but I recently was on vacation and had to change my Card out because it was full.  When I inserted my new Compact Flash card, I got an error on my display, and discovered that the pins in the camera had been bent over.  Other digital products that use memory cards such as SD Cards do not suffer from this delicate issue.  Are there any converters that would work in my camera so I could use an SD card? 





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Re: Solution for bent pins using Compact Flash...

There are adapters (or were might be a better term).  But they won't solve your problem, because they all require you to still insert and remove the CF card.  The SD slot is in the side of the CF adapter, so the only way to insert or remove the SD card from the CF adapter is to remove the whole adapter from the CF bay.


Here is an example of one. 


Other brand names are EagleTec and PremierTek.


While the pin and hole style of the CF card may not be the most rugged design when compared to the blade and slot of newer cards, it still offers many advantages.  Unfortunately, you just have to be careful, and don't force the card if it feels like it is binding on something.