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I've got a Ricoh PCMCIA/PCI adapter loaded with a standard (plain old CF adapter) Sandisk CF adapter . XP loaded the drivers for the Ricoh fine , and the Sandisk adapter has no driver needed. I insert a standard Sandisk CF card (128M,256M) and I hear a "bloop" as the OS sees a new device inserted, however it fails to identify the device and assigns under "OTHER" in device manager as a PCMCIA UNKNOWN_MANUFACTURER right under it. I've googled this problem for a week and can't find anything as to what type of driver this needs in XP to serve as a storage medium. I've tried disk drive, memory device, and several other device driver types for this card and nothing seems to work. My system is a triple boot with XP,Vista, and Mandriva Linux. Both Vista and Linux identify the device and apply the drivers to make it work. Not so for XP. Anybody got any background with this.
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Windows XP loads drivers for the CF card in this case.  The specific driver that is used is disk.sys, but in a manual install, you would point the wizard to disk.inf, which should be located in the c:\windows\inf directory.


If you point it to that, but it does not work, you may want to search your computer for another copy of it, and copy it to the inf folder to replace the possibly corrupt one.  I located a backup in c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386, but i guess you computer could be different.