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cannot get Windows 98SE to work with Cruzer 8GB, SDCZ36-008G

In short, I cannot get Windows 98SE to work with my Sandisk Cruzer 8GB, SDCZ36-008G (or with any Flash Drive larger than 1GB.  It will work with 1GB drives, but I prefer to use 4GB and larger drives, like my Cruzer 8GB.  

First, I should state that I bought my Cruzer 8GB at Walmart and while the packaging did NOT state it was a U3 drive, it was.  In addition, the Walmart packaging did NOT state this is a Titanium drive, but the model number (as noted above) suggests that it may be.

Using the U3 LaunchPad Remover software, U3 was removed - then I formatted the drive to FAT32 with default cluster size.  

Prior to posting, via Sandisk's Driver Download Wizard > USB Flash Drives, I downloaded Windows 98 SE drivers for . . .

- Cruzer
  Cruzer 98SE Driver (SDCZ1)

- Cruzer Titanium (non-U3 devices)
  Cruzer Titanium Driver (SDCZ3)

Prior to installing the SDCZ3 driver, I did was a thorough system scrubbing of the Registry and Programs, eliminating temp files, and other crap.  Next, I installed this driver and it did not work.  Windows98 SE would nothing recognize this flash drive, so I uninstalled it and tried the other Sandisk Windows98 SE driver - it did not work either.  So I uninstalled it and because I hadn't updated for the last 3 years, I found Windows98 SE Service Pack 2.1 and installed it.  Then I scrubbed the Registry (which, to my surprise, remained perfectly clean) and my system.  


Next, I tried the SDCZ3 driver, and it did NOT work.  Neither did the SDCZ1.  


After failing with Sandisk's Windows98 SE drivers, I went Googling.  I tried a generic driver, but it did NOT work either. 


One of the issues I had hoped to find while I was Googling was something that stated that Window98 SE was incapable of reading any Flash Drive larger than 1GB.  But I did not, and I am having this problem with a desktop PC - whereas my notebook PC, also running Windows98 SE, will read (non-Sandisk) Flash Drives larger than 1GB, and that is why I want to believe that I have either forgot a setting or simply do not remember how I achieved this with my notebook (something I did over 3 years ago).  

Any suggestions, recommendations or guidance is sincerely appreciated.

With kindest regards,