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Format/Reset Cruzer Profile (fingerprint) drives



I have five of these Cruzer Profile USB drives (the kind with the fingerprint scanner on them).


I've been trying to format them so I can re-deploy them to other users.


Formatting the encrypted drive does not work, resulting in the error message "Windows was unable to complete the format."


The old users are no longer available.


The data on the drives can be erased, I do not need the data, I just want to be able to use the drive again.


No data recovery is necessary.


I sent an e-mail to technical support last week (Wed, March 25) and have not heard back.


Is there a complete reset/format tool for the Cruzer Profile USB drives? 



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Re: Format/Reset Cruzer Profile (fingerprint) drives

The only way into the drive is to scan the original fingerprint used to lock the drive, so unfortunately there is no way for you to unlock or reset the drive. In the future if you use these devices I would suggest scanning your fingerprints along with the users so you can always get in if needed, however since the user has access to edit the fingerprints they will also be able to delete yours if they wanted to.
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Re: Format/Reset Cruzer Profile (fingerprint) drives

So it sounds like I have five very expensive paperweights?


It's unfortunate as I inherited these from the previous tech person.


Can I get these sent back to Sandisk for replacements?  (I don't know when they were purchased)

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Re: Format/Reset Cruzer Profile (fingerprint) drives

Unfortunately this is not covered by the warranty since the device is not defective.