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sansa m240

Hi all.
I have the  message " Finalizing update" on my mp3 player...this has been on there for a very long time, it will stay there for hours or until i turn it off.
When i turn off and restart i get the message "writing data" which will stay there for hours seemingly jammed or frozen.

If I turn off my computer with the mp3 player attached, then restart the computer with the mp3 turned off but attached via USB then the player will start and work fine, but as soon as I turn it off again it will go back to the message "writing data"
Does anyone have any ideas or can tell me who I could contact for help.
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Re: sansa m240

Disconnect the m240 from your PC.  Press and hold the power button until it shuts off, then remove the battery for 3 minutes.  You should also check out the Sansa forums...