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product packaging

Sandisk's worry about loss effects honest customers more than it does those looking to get something for free.

This past weekend I purchased a Ultra II 4Gb SDHC card from a local Best Buy for a photo shoot that day. Of course the memory came packaged in an excisive amount of plastic that it too thick/strong for the average person to open buy hand without the aid of some tool. Not having my pocketknife on me I improvise with the house key and quickly have a slit large enough to get a couple of fingers in and rip the package apart. To my surprise I find a half inch long gash on my index finger of my left hand.

Instances like this make not want to purchase the product again even if it is the best and other brands can have the same effect. Its the principal of the thing. I work hard for my money and shouldnt have to worry about injury from the package in order to enjoy it.

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Re: product packaging

the product packaging is mandated by the reseller. these are very small products and are prone to shoplifting. the package is a shoplifting deterrent.