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Why does my songs keep deleting?

First, I am sorry if this wasn't the place to ask, but I risked the chance. So this is my problem...... Ok it might be that I am new in having an mp3 player( I bought myself a sandisk sansa 4gb fuze a couple weeks ago), and everytime I put music in it deletes my previous songs. I don't know if its the mp3 or whatever. Its like when I put some songs from a cd it somehow deletes the songs I already have, even if I download a song. I don't know. I need help, because its pissing me off!! :smileysad:


PS: Please described in details( I am new at this stuff) if you can step by step directions........Just give it your best shot.....I really want help. Oh Yeah I use windows Media Player if that helps.

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Re: Why does my songs keep deleting?

try posting on the sansa forums