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Which SD MICRO CHIP For my Sansa c 240 MP3 Player?

Hi! Can I get a bit of Advice please?I spend many hours Driving Trucks and I wanted to another 4 GIG to my Sansa 1 Gig c240 MP3 Player by buying a 4 Gig Micro Chip?  (cant afford any bigger) 120 gig would be great) I only want it for My Music Files and my Podacast Talkback Radio which I Podacast Via Winamp 5.31! and I woulsd need to Load it either Direct fron the USB connect on my Computor OR do I just download normally

My Player is about 2 years old and has a "Micro Chip port" on the side! I did read that SDHC is not compatable with my model only later C240's? How do I know which Chip to Buy? 


I found this on your Sans Disc Compatability Page" Is this what I need and can I get a 4 Gig Chip ?


SanDisk Mobile Premier microSD 2GB


Price: $69.99


Price: $29.99

As you can see at age 61 I am not very experienced in this Technology so I hope I haven't confused anyone trying to help me! Thank You in anticipation Dasha

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Re: Which SD MICRO CHIP For my Sansa c 240 MP3 Player?

It depends on what version of the c240 you have.  If you look on the back, on one of the corners, you will see Model c240.  If there is a V2 after the c240, then yes, you can use any 4GB microSD card.  If you do NOT see a V2, then the maximum capacity you can use is 2GB.




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