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Lost Data!

I know, I'll sue SanDisk or call my local news network because I was dumb enough to erase my data. I decided to erase or format or overwrite or some other obvious thing to anyone who actually knows how to use the equipment they have and, due to my own negligence/ignorance/stupidity, I have lost the only copy of some very important data that I should have had backed up and am dumb enough to think that I can blame SanDisk, even though the SanDisk Warranty clearly states that SanDisk is not responsible for lost data.


Hmmm, retarded, isn't it! I love those people. They make forums so much fun to read. I read support forums for several companies and many other general forums, like Anything But Ipod, and I am always amazed at how dumb people are. The best are the supposed "Professionals". If they were true professionals, I would think that they would know how to keep a simple backup of their very precious data.... Makes me glad I work in a warehouse, where I don't have to put up with these tards. I feel sorry for tech support, almost... :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Lost Data!

This is really very poor suggestion when people like this. Evn though they can search on google various data recovery software to recover their instead of blaming any company for lossing their data.