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Are my cards real Sandisk or fakes?

Hi, Just bought these two cards off an EBay store recently. (4GB SD Ultra II, & Micro SD Class 2). 


Just wondering if someone can tell me whether they are legit Sandisk brand or fakes?


(If you click on each image enough times it will go to highest resolution.)


The seller seems a bit dodgie. I paid for Class 4 and received one as Class 2.


First they try and tell me they have no class 2 stock. And to send pictures. 


Then they try and tell me that I bought it else where.


Then they realise they are selling everyone Class 2 as Class 4 and change their EBay pictures. 


Eventually they offer me a refund but it still hasn't come. :smileysad:


Seller was `German-Tinxi'.

Shipped from China as `Wangweida' HongKong.


Interested in feedback on this.