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SanDisk Ultra Micro SDXC UHS problem. I/O issue.

Alright, here goes.


I shot a 4k video using my phone with my Sandisk 128gb memory card as the destination drive.

The video's size is 1.4gb. I am able to play the video in my phone and was not able to face any problems.

But when I tried to transfer the video file to my phone's interal storage, it keeps on failing.
I tried to copy and paste the file to my computer but it fails when it reaches 350+MB. It never gets pasted or moved successfully.
I have tried numerous solutions found Online but still, I cannot transfer the file from the SD card to other devices.


The SD card is wonderful, it's fast and was able to copy and receive all files I transfered to it. That's why I'm really confused about what's going on right now.


Please help me. I really need the solution ASAP. Thank you to the good soul who will answer.

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Re: SanDisk Ultra Micro SDXC UHS problem. I/O issue.

To transfer files from external SD card to mobile (device), follow these steps:


Step 1: Insert the small SD card into the memory card slot.


Step 2: On the house screen, faucet Applications.


Step 3: faucet My Files.


Step 4: beneath My Files, choose All files.


Step 5: choose the folder where the file is hold on on the external small SD card.


Step 6: select the required file to be derived to the device by ticking the checkbox next to the file then faucet Copy button.


Step 7: select the required folder where the file would be derived then faucet Paste here button.