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SD card won't format into external storage

Hello SanDisk community!


My phone is a Moto G5 16 GB :


I can't format my micro SanDisk Ultra 64GB SDXC I ... I've tried already :

- to format it from the moto G5 itself throught the storage menu (formating operation runs quickly but my card won't be recognized)

- to format it from another android LG phone (this time the formating operation was stuck and didn't run till the end).

- to format it from computer running Windows/Linux (I got this message that I don't have permission to format the SD Card)


So as you can see any ideas are welcomed :-)


Here is the story of the SD card I am trying to format :

Nov 2017 - brand new moto G5 16 GB of internal storage. I bought this SD Card and setted it as internal storage to extend my initial internal storage.

June 2018 - I can notice some bugs with my SD card : some applications installed on SD card will immediately interrupts as soon as started ; Camera isn't able to take pictures anymore because of SD card...

July 2018 - Here I am trying to fix the problem reusing my SD as external storage.


Hope I've been clear explaining my situation,

Good day,


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Re: SD card won't format into external storage

You most likely will have to re-format the card to FAT32 with a tool such as from the SD Association